Student IT UCLL


As a student of the professional bachelor IT at UCLL I have aquired a bunch of competences and skills.

Below I will use the Domain Specific Education Results written by the NVAO to shorty explain how I have aquired these competences and how profound I master them.

The professional bachelor IT analyzes a problem, translates it to an IT-context and shows it in a structual manner by using analyzing- and modelling techniques.

At UCLL there are a few courses based around analyzing and modelling, for example Object Oriented System Analysis. In this course we started up a fictif company and developped an information system for it according to the object-oriented principles. We learned how to make class diagrams and create/use situation, activities, sequence and collaboration diagrams in order to describe the dynamic model.

Personally I feel I have a decent understanding of modelling for IT applications.

The professional bachelor IT collects and handles process- and data details, stores them and makes them available, in such a way that they can be queried in a correct and efficient way.

The professional bachelor IT designs, builds, documents and tests qualitative IT solutions.

The professional bachelor IT installs, configures, secures, maintains and supports IT solutions and changes them if needed so that they constantly match the changing needs of an organisation.

The professional bachelor IT acts deontologically and socially responsible, in accordance with business and organization context, regulations, best practices and strategies based on own insight and knowledge.

The professional bachelor IT critically examines and evaluates existig and innovative IT solutions.

The professional bachelor IT provides advice on IT solutions, produts, services and technologies for different domains and/or sectors.

The professional bachelor IT can tackle a project-based assignment independently and in a multidisciplinary and/or multi-cultural team.

The professional bachelor IT communicates at least in Dutch and English, orally and in writing, both adapted to the target audience.

The professional bachelor IT takes into account and acts according to the international context of the field.

The professional bachelor IT is entrepreneurial, takes initiative and responds to new developments and application domains.

The professional bachelor IT supports change processes when IT solutions are deployed.

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